This section of the site offers the possibility to find information and/or refine one’s search on ongoing higher education external cooperation programmes managed by EU/EEA countries.

The search tool set out below has been designed accordingly with the main categories used in the templates provided online. All these were previously validated at national level. As mentioned in the ‘About the project’ section (see ‘Methodology’), the list of programmes provided online is not meant to be exhaustive but to be rather considered as a ‘snapshot’ of up-to-date information.

In order to make this tool as user-friendly as possible, users can, as a minimum, search by ‘country managing the programme(s)’; target regions or countries (i.e. within third countries). This functionality is accessible via the ‘Basic search’ option which is set out below. Users wishing to either refine their search or looking for more specific information are furthermore offered the possibility to search information according to the following criteria : levels and types of higher education; target groups (e.g. students, teaching staff, administrative staff, institutions, etc.); types of cooperation/activities (e.g. mobility; institutional and academic cooperation); financial category/size of the programmes per year. This functionality is accessible via the ‘Advanced search’ option which is also  set out below.

In practice, users can select (i.e. simply clicking on the different items) any criteria of their choice within the different scroll down lists provided under the ‘Basic search’ and/or ‘Advanced search’ functions. Depending on users’ needs, both functions can be indeed used separately or simultaneously.

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