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Training Programme for Students of the Finnish Language and Culture

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Country Code: P297
Name of Programme: Training Programme for Students of the Finnish Language and Culture
Organisation responsible for the programme: CIMO
Type of organisation: National Agency
Country: Finland
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Starting Date
Ending date
Joint initiative involving more than one Ministry? (if applicable)

Programme Description
General and specific objectives
The Training Programme for Students of the Finnish Language (Suomea Suomessa) gives international university students who study Finnish Language and Culture outside Finland opportunity to :
1. gain relevant work experience
2. practise Finnish language in the athentic environment
3. get to know the Finnish way of life.

Priority actions
The programme offers international university students of the Finnish language the opportunity to come to Finland as trainees. Students must have completed their first (or normally second) year of studies and have at least a working knowledge of Finnish. Placements are found within various organisations, as well as in libraries and museums, and with local festival organizers. Alternatively, there are placements in Finnish families.
Management and coordination
Students apply directly to CIMO for the placement (CIMO is a permanent office that co-ordinates student exchange programmes, in addition to a number of other tasks). The placements are published in CIMO’s webpage in the beginning of the year.
Expected or achieved outputs, outcomes and impacts
enhancement of Finnish studies abroad, a better understanding of Finnish society and way of life for foreign students
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