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Country Code: P283
Organisation responsible for the programme: Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research Directorate General for Universities, Students and Student’s Services Office for International Cooperation
Type of organisation: Ministry
Country: Italy
Web Link:
Starting Date 2004
Ending date
Joint initiative involving more than one Ministry? (if applicable)

Programme Description
General and specific objectives
CUIA (Consorzio Interuniversitario Italiano per l’Argentina) is a network of 25 Italian public Universities that have developed partnerships with Argentine Universities or that are willing to promote new co-operations.
CUIA general objective is to promote and support the coordination of academic and research activities that Italian Universities have in Argentina, by using a specific work schedule thus improving cooperation between Italian and Argentine Universities.
CUIA also seeks to improve student mobility as well as administrative and teaching staff.
The Italian Interuniversity Network for Argentina aims to contribute, through the definition of a new relationship between University – Enterprise, the economic, political and cultural relations between Italy and Argentina.
In scientific terms, CUIA support joint research activities between Italian and Argentine professors and researchers by reinforcing networks and partnerships with Argentine Higher Education institutions.

Priority actions
CUIA priority actions are divided in educational programmes and scientific programmes.
In the educational field, CUIA intends to improve co-operation by promoting interuniversity programmes and events that involve both Argentine and Italian partners.
“CUIA days in Argentina” takes place every year in Buenos Aires and includes the promotion of CUIA Universities’ activities in partnership with Argentine Universities. The programme includes the presentation of joint research programmes and results, joint degree courses, mobility opportunities, conference and seminars concerning interuniversity co-operation.
Every year, CUIA participates at International Higher Education meetings and expo such as ExpoUniversidad, EuroPosgrados, Feria Internacional del Libro, EAIE Conference, etc.
In the scientific field, CUIA intends to support joint research by co-financing projects. Each year, the Network provides grants for argentine postgraduate students enrolled in Italian Universities. Another priority action for next year is to activate a Summer School in Italy for argentine students.
CUIA is actively involved in the regional integration process of Latin America. In fact, the Regional Integration Programme in Latin America (PIRAL) which take place in Buenos Aires Headquarters intends to improve integration by the “Altiero Spinelli” Chair, a Window for community and Italian university programmes and a Master Course on European Studies.

Management and coordination
The Network's internal organization is based on five bodies: the Assembly of CUIA member Universities, the President, the Director, the Steering Committee and the Scientific Committee.
The Presidency take care of the Network’s general administration while the Direction is responsible of the promotion and accomplishment of the programmes approved by the Steering Committee. Most of CUIA activities take place in Buenos Aires Headquarters.
The Scientific Committee is responsible of the joint research and postgraduate programmes and grants approved by the Steering Committee as well as of the Summer Schools’ programme.
All CUIA activities are conceived in a co-operative prospective with particular attention to argentine partners interests and necessities.
CUIA maintain and reinforce links with Italian and European institutional authorities, as the Italian Embassy and the European Union Delegation in Argentina. CUIA also promote a strong relationship with CIN (Consejo Interuniversitario Nacional).as it was recently renewed the General Agreement between both Networks.
CUIA intends to monitor and follow up co-financed research programmes as well as all the activities that each member University promotes with Argentine Universities in a bilateral way.
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- Guida alle attività interuniversitarie italo-argentine 2010, Roma, marzo 2010, a cura di Laura Norton.

Expected or achieved outputs, outcomes and impacts
The main expected output is to contribute for the coordination of the Italian Universities and their programmes with the Argentine Universities in terms of networking and promoting joint research.
CUIA also aims to disseminate the results of such activities by publishing material and newsletters. Such material is not only available but is also actively spread among Argentine HE institutions with the objective of promoting new joint projects and networks.
In a longer term perspective, CUIA aims to contribute at the promotion of a Common Higher Education Area in Latin America by introducing educational programmes in Argentina such as “Altiero Spinelli” Chair, the Window for Community and Italian Educational Programmes and the Master Course on European Studies.
In the field of scientific programmes, CUIA incorporated the strategic themes recently approved by the European Commission. Joint research as well as Summer School programmes will be developed by following those themes.
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