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UniAdrion project: a virtual University network

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Country Code: P282
Name of Programme: UniAdrion project: a virtual University network
Organisation responsible for the programme: Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research
Type of organisation: Ministry
Country: Italy
Web Link:
Starting Date 2001
Ending date
Joint initiative involving more than one Ministry? (if applicable) Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Programme Description
General and specific objectives
Under the aegis of the “Adriatic-Ionian Initiative”, (Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro), thanks to an extremely innovative and high-level intellectual and scientific synergy, the UniAdrion network has established a strong connection among the Member countries through the setting up of 8 Focal Points, one in each country.
Priority actions
The main characteristic of the UniAdrion projects is a multidisciplinary approach, and study courses have been organised on several topics concerning cultural heritage, environment, cultural tourism, harbours and trade relations.
Management and coordination
University of Bologna, trough a General Assembly of all the Universities members of the network, a Board of Advisors and an Executive Secretariat. Since 2007, the University of Ancona has been responsible for the project. In 2007, a Permanent Secretariat was also established in Ancona.
Expected or achieved outputs, outcomes and impacts
The UniAdrion courses foresee Master Programmes, Training Courses, Summer Schools, Post Graduate Joint Degree Courses. Courses can also foresee the collection of data and the creation of data bases.
By the end of 2002 there were a few hundred people committed to the activities (about 300 professional people).
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