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Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Award (DHPA)

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Country Code: P276
Name of Programme: Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Award (DHPA)
Organisation responsible for the programme: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
Type of organisation: Ministry
Country: United Kingdom
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Starting Date 2003
Ending date
Joint initiative involving more than one Ministry? (if applicable)

Programme Description
General and specific objectives
The objective of the scheme is to attract top quality students from the developing world, to study for PhDs in highly rated UK research organisations. National eligiblity is based on the OECD Development Assistance Committee list: Russia and Hong Kong are also included in the programme for historical reasons.
Priority actions
The scheme is open to top quality science, engineering, medicine, social science and technology students from overseas to study for PhDs over a period of three to four years. The total cost of each DHPA is £90,000, with half the costs being met by the Government through the UK Research Councils and half the costs being met by the private sector, and primarily covers cover fees and maintenance. The over-riding criterion of the scheme is excellence, and DHPA scholars should be easily recognisable as the 'best of the best'.
Management and coordination
The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills manages the scheme whilst the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) administers the scheme.
Expected or achieved outputs, outcomes and impacts
By attracting first-rate students to the UK, our science base will gain access to highly skilled people that are essential for us to compete in the global economy. This scheme has the potential to make an important contribution in three key areas:
to provide the UK’s best universities, and consequently the UK science base, with access to a pool of first-rate students with a variety of outlooks.
to improve the profile of the UK as an outward-looking, technologically-advanced country
to help to equip developing countries with a pool of highly skilled people who can make a significant difference to the pace of development of those countries
The DHPA is now in its 7th year of operation and over 500 students have undertaken the programme.
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