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DelPHE- Iraq

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Country Code: P267
Name of Programme: DelPHE- Iraq
Organisation responsible for the programme: Department for International Development / British Council
Type of organisation: Other
Country: United Kingdom
Web Link:
Starting Date 2010
Ending date 2012
Joint initiative involving more than one Ministry? (if applicable)

Programme Description
General and specific objectives
The UK Government recognises the vital role that education will play in equipping Iraqis to gain employment, creating opportunities for women and minorities and discouraging the growth of radicalisation. In response to the major challenges faced by Iraq’s HE sector, the Department for International Development (DFID) has invested in a new programme to help rebuild Higher Education (HE) systems and institutions in Iraq.
Priority actions
DelPHE-Iraq supports partnerships between Iraqi higher education institutions (HEIs) and those in other countries. The scheme will help rebuild the Iraqi Higher Education (HE) sector by encouraging knowledge-sharing on improved practice in HE teaching, learning and research. It will strengthen the capacity of Iraqi HEIs to deliver professional skills and contribute to the country’s development.
DelPHE-Iraq is part of the wider DFID-funded DelPHE programme (Development Partnerships in Higher Education programme), which funds partnerships between HEIs in the UK and other countries in order to fight global poverty and promote sustainable development.
The scheme will run from 2009 until 2012 and include three funding round opportunities:

The first round will provide a maximum of £110,000 for partnerships lasting up to two years.

The second round will provide up to £75,000 and create partnerships lasting up to 18 months.

The final round in 2011 will provide up to £40,000 for partnerships of up to six months.
Management and coordination
British Council is responsible for the management & delivery of DelPHE-Iraq. DFID provide core grant funding.

Decisions on funding are made by the DelPHE-Iraq Selection Committee which comprises of DFID, BC, Universities UK.

Expected or achieved outputs, outcomes and impacts
Proposals must be driven by the needs of Iraq and focus on enhancing the quality of HE teaching, learning and research. They should also seek to improve the gender balance within the Iraqi HE sector and should demonstrate how they will contribute to increasing the participation and representation of Iraqi women in higher education.
DelPHE-Iraq will support projects that focus upon:

The training and retraining of university staff to an international standard

Developing and modernising the curriculum

Changing the balance of higher education from pedagogy to student-centred learning

Developing HEIs’ planning and management abilities

Helping Ministerial and government agencies shape new roles and responsibilities for supporting HE
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