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Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Latvia and the Government of the Republic of Turkey on Co-operation in the Fields of Education, Science, Culture and Sports

General InformationTypes Of Cooperation ActivitiesTarget GroupsFinancing
Country Code: P201
Name of Programme: Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Latvia and the Government of the Republic of Turkey on Co-operation in the Fields of Education, Science, Culture and Sports
Organisation responsible for the programme: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia
Type of organisation: Ministry
Country: Latvia
Web Link:
Starting Date 2005
Ending date 5 years (automatically renewable for another term)
Joint initiative involving more than one Ministry? (if applicable) Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia

Programme Description
General and specific objectives
To promote better understanding between Latvian and Turkish people through exchange and co-operation in education, science, culture and sports.
Article 1 -encourage and facilitate exchanges and cooperation between both countries in education, science, culture and sports, provide appropriate opportunities for contacts and joint activities between the organisations, institutions and persons, who work in the above mentioned fields.

Priority actions
According to the Agreement, the sides promote:
1. Co-operation in various fields of science, including:
- The exchange of scientists and experts,
- The implementation of joint research and development projects,
- The organization of joint scientific seminars, workshops, conferences and other scientific meetings,
- The exchange of scientific publications and information, etc.
2. Co-operation between the Education and Science Ministry of Latvia and Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey, and higher education establishments, especially:
- interchanging members of the faculty of institutions of higher education;
- granting scholarships and in facilitating the exchange of undergraduate and postgraduate students;
- promotion of Latvian literature and language and Turkish literature and language studies,
- providing prompt and correct information for school books, concerning respective histories.
3. Co-operation in the field of sports in the following forms:
- Interchange of trainers, specialists of physical education and other experts to share information and experiences;
- Participation in congresses, conferences, symposia, seminars and courses, organized by the other Side, etc.

Both sides exchange information on their basic, secondary and higher education systems, to give a possibility mutually recognise the diplomas issued by education establishments and academic degrees that are granted according to the normative acts in force in each country.

Management and coordination
Ministry of the Education and Science is responsible for the implementation of the agreement and coordination of activities related to the science education and sport. Also State Education Development Agency (SEDA) subordinated to the ministry participated in the process connected with the scholarships. Agency coordinates also allocation of the foreign scholarships to the students of Latvia and it is planned in the long run that also SEDA will also coordinate scholarships that are allocated by the government of Latvia. Ministry of Education and Science supervises this process.
Coordinator in SEDA is Ms. Nora Viļdžjuna, Telephone: +371 67814331, e-mail:

Expected or achieved outputs, outcomes and impacts
Strengthening of cooperation in field of education, culture, science and sports.
Latvian Academy of Arts has established cooperation and exchange of students with the Anadolu University, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Abant Izzet Baysal University. Also Business University “Turība” cooperates with the Turkish universities in the fields of the exchange of students and teaching staff, as well as performs joint projects and studies.
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