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Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Latvia and the Government of the United Mexican States on co-operation in the field of education, culture and sport

General InformationTypes Of Cooperation ActivitiesTarget GroupsFinancing
Country Code: P199
Name of Programme: Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Latvia and the Government of the United Mexican States on co-operation in the field of education, culture and sport
Organisation responsible for the programme: Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia
Type of organisation: Ministry
Country: Latvia
Web Link:
Starting Date 2005
Ending date 5 years (automatically renewable for another term)
Joint initiative involving more than one Ministry? (if applicable) Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia

Programme Description
General and specific objectives
The objective of this agreement is to increase and encourage co-operation between governmental and non-governmental organizations of both Parties in the field of education, culture and sport through the execution of activities which contribute to broadening knowledge between the two countries.
Priority actions
Education cooperation
Both parties expressed their interest to learn form each others education systems by exchange of information and materials in the following areas:
Preschool education
Youth and Adult Education
Educational integration of pupils with special educational needs
Professional and work training
Technological education
Application and qualification of the professionals
Copyright and related rights
Recognition of studies, diplomas and academic degrees
Higher education co-operation
The Parties will support the cooperation agreements between Mexican and Latvian institutions, which include exchange of academic staff, researchers and students through visits or joint research projects, as well as other activities.
Also they will encourage mobility of scientists, experts, academic staff, researchers of both countries to participate in events held in other country.
the Mexican government offers the maximum of 2 scholarships, which can be used to study language and the Mexican culture during 12 month, with the possibility to extend the scholarship to pursue post graduate studies.
Latvian Party also offers 2 scholarships at the International Summer School organised by Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences.
Language teaching
The Parties will facilitate and reinforce the teaching of their respective languages and cultures in schools and higher education institutions of the other Party, particularly through lectures, as well as the exchange of experts.
According to the Article 20 of the above mentioned Agreement, the Parties approved the Programme on Educational, Cultural and Sports Co-operation for 2007-2010 (starting date 23.10.2007, ending date – valid until signature of the next programme).

Management and coordination
For the purpose of following up and co-ordinating the actions of co-operation provided for this agreement, a Mixed Commission of Educational, Cultural and Sport Co-operation shall be established. The Commission has the following functions: evaluate and define the priority areas; analyse, review, approve, monitor and evaluate the co-operation Programme.

Ministry of the Education and Science is responsible for the implementation of the agreement and coordination of activities related to the science education and sport. Also State Education Development Agency (SEDA) subordinated to the ministry participated in the process connected with the scholarships. Agency coordinates also allocation of the foreign scholarships to the students of Latvia and it is planned in the long run that also SEDA will also coordinate scholarships that are allocated by the government of Latvia. Ministry of Education and Science supervises this process.
Coordinator in SEDA is Ms. Nora Viļdžjuna, Telephone: +371 67814331, e-mail:

Expected or achieved outputs, outcomes and impacts
Co-operation between competent institutions in the realization of educational, cultural and sports activities.
In the framework of the Agreement between the Governments of both countries a co-operation programme between both countries “Programme on Educational, Cultural and Sports Co-operation for 2007-2010” was signed on October 22, 2007.
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