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CHILFAGRI (Chile - France Agriculture)

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Country Code: P156
Name of Programme: CHILFAGRI (Chile - France Agriculture)
Organisation responsible for the programme: Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Directorate-General for teaching and research-DGER, European relations and international cooperation Bureau - BRECI
Type of organisation: Ministry
Country: France
Web Link:
Starting Date 2008
Ending date Renewable every 3 years
Joint initiative involving more than one Ministry? (if applicable) Ministry of Foreign and Europeans Affairs (Direction générale de la mondialisation, du développement et des partenariats – DGM)

Programme Description
General and specific objectives
The programme aims:
- To promote the integrated training of Chilean and French students in higher education institutions in agricultural studies and related subjects, as well as the development of partnerships between higher education institutions in the two countries.
- To set up a new programme for the exchange of students and teachers in the field of agronomy, agro-food and veterinary sciences named CHILFAGRI

Priority actions
The two countries will promote bilateral cooperation projects in higher education in the field of agronomy, agro-food and veterinary sciences, projects for the mutual exchange of students and teachers, projects for comparative studies and evaluation of the curriculum and teaching methods in the two countries.
The development of the programme is based on the notion of joint projects , elaborated by the institutions in the two countries.
The projects must be based on the following activities:
- Exchange of students
- Exchange of teachers associated with the projects, in view of the comparative study of the curriculum, pedagogical methodologies and validation of credits
- Organisation of seminars and meetings

Management and coordination
A Steering Committee (franco-chilean) contributes to define the objectives and procedures to implement the programme as well as selecting the projects. The programme is monitored by the Latin America officer of the European relations and international cooperation Bureau (BRECI), in cooperation with DGM (Foreign Affairs) and the French Embassy in Chile.
The partner in Chile is the Ministry of Education via its "Programa Educacion Terciaria por Resultados MECESUP 2".

Expected or achieved outputs, outcomes and impacts
- To bring the scientific communities of the 2 countries closer
- To deepen the mutual knowledge of higher education training pathways of the 2 countries
- To develop partnerships between higher education institutions
- To encourage the creation of joint diploma
- To give an international dimension to the training pathways offered to students
- To increase the number of schools taking part in the programme
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